Friday, 11 July 2014

Dandy Dick (1935)
Will Hay
This is one of those early Will Hay films that has been little seen since its release in 1935. Unlike his classic films, this never seemed to turn up on BBC2 on a Saturday. In many ways, the film is primarily interesting for confirmed Hay fans since it helps show the development of the on-screen character that later made him so popular.
Hay plays a vicar: an honest man whose morals seem to be genuine. This is a far cry from his more regular characters where the outward appearance of respectability is little more than a veneer that covers his vices and his all round uselessness. However in 'Dandy Dick' he is tempted into straying from the path of righteousness towards gambling on horse racing not out of greed or a love of gambling, but in order to raise funds for repairs to his church steeple. He isn't his normal bumbling self: it's as if the character hadn't been fully developed yet.
This is probably going to be one of the shortest entries on this blog since I really don't have a lot to say about it.
Here's who else appears:
Kathleen Harrison (right)

Esmond Knight

Mignon O'Doherty

Syd Crossley

Nancy Burne

Future Hay sidekick, Moore Marriott (left)

Legendary horse racing tipster, Prince Monolulu (left) with Will Hay

Also of note is Hay's appearance wearing a flying helmet in a scene where he is a less than willing passenger. The irony is that Hay was actually an accomplished pilot who is credited as having given flying lessons to the legendary female aviator, Amy Johnson.
Will Hay

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