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Over She Goes (1937)
Back Row: Stanley Lupino, John Wood & Laddie Cliff
Front Row: Gina Malo, Claire Luce & Sally Grey
This is one of those silly, musical comedies that Hollywood seemed to be so successful at making but which the UK was never quite able to compete with. So I'm pleased to say that this is a genuinely funny film. There's nothing outstanding about it: the story is hardly original, the songs (apart from the title song) aren't that memorable, but it's just good fun. And it's only 73 minutes long so no one can complain that can't find time to waste to watch it. Go on, give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised. It's a good old farce.
It tells the story of a vaguely successful vaudeville artiste Harry Drewsden (played by John Wood)  ...
Claire Luce & John Wood
...who inherits a title and a country estate when his uncle goes missing, presumed dead. Everything is going well - he has just proposed to his girlfriend Pamela (Claire Luce) - when his ex-girlfriend Alice (Judy Kelly) turns up wanting to marry him now that he has inherited the title.
It falls to his two stage partners Tommy and Billy (Stanley Lupino and Laddie Cliff) to find a way to get rid of her.
Stanley Lupino & Laddie Cliff
This being a farce, they try to pretend Harry has lost his title when his 'uncle' reappears - Which is obviously Tommy dressed up as an old man ...
Stanley Lupino
... and this being a farce, you don't need me to tell you what happens next!
As mentioned earlier, some of the songs aren't exactly stunning. There is even a curious number about breathing onto windows in order to draw lovehearts:
Claire Luce & John Wood

Claire Luce & John Wood
Although the song is hardly memorable, there is a comic song and dance routine when a group of rather inept police arrive at the house, and the lyrics made me laugh:
"We dig up someone's garden, Then call Scotland Yard in, And the case is solved in eighteen months."

The police sergeant is played by Richard 'Stinker' Murdoch who had a long career, including a period as Arthur Askey's straight man.
Richard Murdoch
There is also a subplot surrounding the arrival of the ex-boyfriend of Tommy's fiancée Dolly (Gina Malo), the rather imposing (and comically named Silas Morner (former world heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer)
Stanley Lupino & Max Baer

Max Baer
For those that are into the period fashions, Baer wears a rather nice belt-back sports jacket:

Judy Kelly & Max Baer
Handily for me, it's one of those films that includes reference photos to identify most of the stars:


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