Monday, 7 October 2013

Get Carter (1971)
Michael Caine
Finally, I hear you say, he's reviewed a film that's in colour and doesn't star either Stewart Granger or Phyllis Calvert. But what is there to say about Get Carter that hasn't already be said? 
There are all the famous lines, the gritty period locations, the whole cool, iconic Michael Caine image.
I could write for pages on the contrast between the grim old Newcastle ...

.... and the modern, brutal style of the city as it is redevelops:

I could do that (studying how the modern city is clean and bright but empty and lifeless, in comparison to the old buildings and pubs which are so full of life).
I could ... but I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to look at wallpaper:
An attempt at sixties modern style at the bed and breakfast

An attempt at sixties modern style at the bed and breakfast

Dull floral paper in the bed and breakfast

1950s style paper in the Carter family home

What looks like it might be 1930s paper in the Carter family home

Faded paper in Carter's old family home

Grand paper for a grand house: Kinnear's living room

1940s/1950s style children's paper in Kinnear's house.
Even the porn set has interesting wallpaper
Why did I choose to paste photos of wallpaper? Because it's not often you see such a range of interior design hints all in one film.
One other thing to add:
Maybe it's just me, but I can never look at Michael Caine in this period ...
Michael Caine
... and not think of the 1970s Leeds Utd striker, Mick Jones:
Mick Jones

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